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Time For A Bikini Party

The Bikini has come a long way. First appearing in 1946, the same year as the first peace-time nuclear tests by the Americans on Bikini Atoll, it was originally defined as a swimwear outfit that could be ‘passed through a wedding ring’. Anything bigger than that, according to designer Louis Réard, and it’s not a bikini. Sounds good to us these days, but it was a while before the bikini really took off: it wasn’t until the swinging sixties that it was an established fixture of beaches all around the world. But since then the bikini hasn’t looked back: these days it’s everywhere, in dozens of variations, and it’s even the official kit for international sports.

Which is how it comes to have a pokie all of its own, released this month by developer Microgaming, and likely to be a hit for its gameplay and for its theme alike! The international (and Olympic) sport we were talking about was Beach Volleyball, and that’s the main theme in Microgaming’s Bikini Party. They have noticed (along with the entire male half of the world, we suspect) that professional female athletes look pretty good in bikinis, and that’s what they’ve gone with for this pokie. Like your typical bikini, there’s lots to like under the colourful, eye-grabbing theme, because this is another of Microgaming’s 243-ways-to-win, which means you can be sure what you’re getting from this pokie. And what you’re getting is quality gameplay and a couple of great bonus features in the mix as well. We like the Free Spins, obviously, and especially the trebled wins in the Free Spins feature, but we also like the option to respin a single reel if you like what you see on the others. Just a word of caution, though: the respin feature gives you the option to pay extra for a spin of a single reel, and you pay more depending on the potential jackpot on offer. What that means is that the extra cost can sneak upon you if you’re not watching it closely, so make sure you know where you stand with this option. Respins is a great feature, but, as ever, we recommend you don’t spend more than you want to.

Another good-looking (literally!) pokie from Microgaming, and a solid addition to the 243-ways-to-win range. Give it a go at Spin Palace or 32Red today and let us know what you think.

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