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The Mother of All Nerd Pokies

It’s the game that’s been at the heart of nerd culture since the 1970s, and in film and TV it’s a by-word for serious geek status – so the very thought of our running series of articles on the best nerd pokies in the world not featuring Dungeons and Dragons at some point is inconceivable. We might not know what all the different shaped dice are for, but that doesn’t stop us enjoying the pokies!

A Cultural Phenomenon

Developed in the early 70s by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Dungeons and Dragons was the first modern roleplaying game, and the RPG and computer gaming industries essentially grew out of that first work. And with the popularity and sophistication of your Xbox, Playstation, PC and other games these days, that’s really saying something. But don’t for a second forget the pokies that Dungeons and Dragons has given us. Developed by software development giant IGT in association with Konami, the first D&D pokie was called Fortress of Fortunes, and it was a real hit, spawning several sequels.

A Winning Formula

We’ve seen, over our series of the world’s nerdiest pokies, that they can be extremely popular – both at casino resorts as pokie machines, and at online casinos. The Dungeons and Dragons pokies are as good an example of this as any. Perhaps there’s something that appeals to the pokie player in the classic D&D quest for untold riches against the odds? Certainly, the quality of the products IGT have made is a factor, and they have stayed popular with pokie lovers for years.

Coming Soon to an Online Casino Near You?

The only complaint we could possibly have (and it’s a gripe that will be much louder from fans of the roleplaying games) is that IGT’s current licensing arrangements mean that their pokies are only available to Australians as pokie machines at casino resorts like Sydney’s The Star and Melbourne’s Crown Casino – not at the online casinos that bring pokies to you at home or on the move. That’s a huge oversight, and we hope that, with new casino resorts on the cards here in Australia and with the success of online casinos, these excellent pokies will be available to a wider audience. In the meantime, make sure that you look out for them next time you find yourself near a casino resort – you won’t be disappointed!

Bringing You the Best Online Pokies

So we don’t have a D&D online pokie for you to enjoy (not yet, anyway!), but we do have some advice for you when it comes to the best Online Pokies. Take a look and have a go.

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