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The makeover of the Jupiters casino complex is expected to cost AU$345million

If you’re a regular reader of these pages, or if you’ve kept up with the news coming out of Brisbane of late, you’ll know that there is a bidding process well underway for new casinos in Queensland.

There are, by our rough count, three casinos on the cards, with a huge development slated for the coast in the north of the state, and Echo and Crown locked in a tussle for the rights to new casino licenses in Brisbane. But Queensland already has a casino resort in Queensland, and it sounds like the folks at Jupiters on the Gold Coast aren’t going to take the arrival of all sorts of competition lying down.

In fact, it sounds like they will be spending an awful lot of money to make sure their casino is every bit as luxurious as anything new arriving in Queensland. And it sounds like their refurbishment will be finished before any of the new casinos can be completed, giving them a bit of a jump on the new competition.

The makeover of the Jupiters casino complex is expected to cost AU$345million, which is an impressive investment by any standards, and will include a boulevard of trendy restaurants and bars, as well as the sort of casino facility we’ve come to expect from the Australian Casino resorts that have to compete in a tough market in Australia – one that includes some of the finest casino resorts in the world.

The first phase of the redevelopment will see a shiny new pool for the resort, with an outdoor dining terrace and bar for customers to enjoy – and that should be pretty much completed by the end of this year. Then the rooms will be totally refurbished, to bring them to the sort of high standard that Jupiters is going to need to achieve if it’s going to remain Queensland’s premier casino resort.

The man in charge of the project, Echo’s Queensland Managing Director Geoff Hogg, was prepared to go in front of the press (presumably with a straight face) and say that the redevelopment at Jupiters wasn’t motivated by the potential arrival of new competition:

‘our focus is on what we can control and manage. We’re confident that this project will be a major tourism drawcard for the Gold Coast and that should have positive flow-on effects for any other businesses. This is an extremely exciting project for Jupiters and for the Gold Coast.’

Sounds like a good plan to us! And it can’t hurt the good folk of the Gold Coast to have a top-notch casino resort right on their doorstep – it looks like Queenslanders might soon be spoilt for choice when it comes to first-rate casino resorts, and it looks like Jupiters Casino is going to be one of them...

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