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The Live Casino Experience At Online Casinos

We love online casinos. That probably comes across in these pages, but we just want to be clear about it. One of the things that has kept the fires of our love for the online casinos burning over the years is the incredible speed of innovation they’ve treated us to.

From those first few pokies and online games to the slick product we can enjoy today, there have been constant improvements to keep us happy and keep us coming back for more.

Take the Online Pokies themselves, for example. An online casino like The Gaming Club Casino(an excellent destination for Australians, by the way, and one of our favourites) offered up a few pokies when it first opened its virtual doors, and they seem very basic indeed next to the gleaming, lavishly animated video pokies hitting the market now.

And the prizes on offer have gone through the roof, especially on the big-name progressive pokies with jackpots that run into millions of dollars.

But we want to draw your attention today to another online casino innovation that we’re very excited about. There are a few genuinely world class casinos in Australia, but unless you happen to live a stone’s throw from a casino like Crown Melbourne or The Star (and relatively few do), then there’s no matching the convenience of an online casino.

Never fear, though – a little bit of innovation and some serious technology bring the casino experience right into your living room, with live-streamed games at online casinos like All Slots pushing the boundaries of what’s possible all the time.

So you can play Blackjack with a live dealer, and at a table filled with other players from around the world sitting right beside you at that virtual table and sharing the same banter and joy in the big win that’s such a part of the live casino experience.

Or enjoy a real spin of a Roulette wheel in real time – there’s no simulation here, so the noise you hear is that wonderful genuine noise of a Roulette wheel. Live casinos are fantastic for seasoned players who know what they like and are able to find it – but they’re really good for new players, too, as the dealers are experienced and friendly and there to help you enjoy the game and learn it, too.

So with the technology now available to bring the casino straight through your computer screen into your home, we’re dusting off our Blackjack strategy guides and stretching off our Roulette muscles in anticipation of some high-definition, live streaming, real-time, authentic croupier-hosted fun. And you should be, too!

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