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The King Is Dead: Microgaming Releases ‘Lost Vegas’

Viva Las Vegas? Well, not anymore – at least not in Microgaming’s newest pokie release, Lost Vegas. This is the Vegas Strip in full zombie-apocalypse mode, and if you’re a fan of shows like The Walking Dead or movies like Dawn of the Dead, then it could be that this pokie is just to your taste. But don’t play it too long, or you might end up with a taste for brains!

A Killer Pokie

Lost Vegas was a real treat to review: as a brand new Microgaming pokie, it has all the incredible graphics and immersive sounds that we’ve come to expect (that we’ve been spoiled with, anyway). But there’s a lot more to Lost Vegas than just its glossy good looks – this is going to be a hit pokie, sure as the end of the world.

Two Ways to Play

The first thing you’ll notice when you play Lost Vegas is that you have the choice between a ‘survivor’ theme and a ‘zombie’ theme. It’s a really nice little touch, and it means you can have your reels populated by heroic-looking movie hero types, or (more likely, if you’re anything like us) the rotting undead of Vegas – including showgirls, tourists and Elvis himself. The game itself doesn’t change radically, but we think the two modes are different enough to keep things fresh, and that means that you’ll probably find yourself playing Lost Vegas more than a few times. Which is good, because it pays out pretty well, especially when you can get hold of some free spins and activate the Blackout Bonus.

Play Lost Vegas Now!

So, arriving this month at online casinos like Gaming Club and All Slots is a new Microgaming pokie with a great theme, a nice bit of innovation in the choice of two modes, sweet graphics and sounds, solid gameplay, and the chance to walk away with some very tasty prizes. You’d have to be undead not to want to try it!

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