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The Changing Way We Gamble Online

One of the things we like the most about the online casinos, and about the online gaming industry in general, is the constant innovation that they make a feature of their product.

You’d probably, out of a sense of fairness, include the land casinos and the companies that run them in that summary of the gaming industry as innovative, but the innovation is very much more obvious at the online casinos: it’s literally right before our eyes when we log on to sites like All Slots Casino and Mr Green Casino.

And haven’t we noticed the difference over the past few years! When the first online casinos were just starting out – when The Gaming Club Casino was a newcomer on the scene – the basic format that we used was a time-consuming download to our PCs, and then we’d use the program that we’d downloaded to access the online casino.

There was a different program required for each of our favourite online casinos, and they had, if we’re honest, a tendency to clog the computer up and, frankly, not work. Times have definitely changed. These days, you can still take the download option, but it comes with all the bells and whistles that have been developed in the last 15 years: live casino streamed direct to your PC, interactive real-time gaming, and much more. But you have the choice of a flash casino, too...

Microgaming have really come out in support of the flash format in the last year or so, releasing and re-releasing their excellent pokies and games on an HTML5 platform that’s flexible enough to work for different online casino and mobile casino software.

And that’s the thing that’s changing the way we game these days: there’s no waiting time, it’s just straight to the games! In contrast to the good old days, you can click on an online casino’s link and get straight to playing their games.

There was a time that the games and pokies available on the no-download offering were different to the download casino, but that seems to have passed, and the reality is that you can happily play at your favourite online casino without ever having to download any software. And what has both driven and benefitted enormously from the innovation of the flash casino? mobile casinos that offer their games and Online Pokies on our smartphones.

There’s a whole world of difference between the time we used to take waiting for an online casino’s program to download to our PC, booting it up and then getting down to the pokies – and the chance to drop by our favourite mobile casino when we’ve got a minute or two spare, to enjoy a few spins of a big-name pokie. And don’t get us started on how much better the pokies look!

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