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The Casino Star is unveiled in Sydney

You and I might have had a soft spot for Star City Casino’s old fake volcano. We might have wondered about the recreation of Wave Rock, but we were certainly appreciative of the banks of pokies lined up below it. Times change, though, and there’s a new star of the Sydney casino scene.

Opened with great fanfare, and by a host of VIPs, last week, The Star will replace Star City Casino – and if the advertising campaign has any truth to it, ‘there will be mischief...’

The Star is the product of an $860million redevelopment project, and the result is a complex glittering with new restaurants, designer boutiques, a set-piece that features an electronic water wall, and a huge chandelier that will be lit by lasers – and when it is, it can be seen from Harbour Bridge!

Commentators will no doubt be as quick to criticise the new Star as they were to snipe at the old Star City, but the opening night promised a VIP gaming experience that would draw crowds from all around Australia and beyond.

Delivered to the door by multi-million-dollar super-yachts, and treated to a glitzy opening ceremony whilst they sipped their $400-a-bottle Dom Perignon, celebrities including Ronan Keating, Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio turned out to see the Star reborn. Entertaining them was Olivia Newton-John – flown in from Los Angeles on the Star’s own luxury private jet.

Of course, none of the glitz – intended no doubt to draw in new and casual trade to the renovated Star complex – can detract from massive positives for gambling enthusiasts all around Australia.

While old favourites like The Queen of the Nile as still in place, the new Star offers more gambling and more variety of gambling for any who make the trip to Sydney. And that can’t be a bad thing...

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