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The Burswood Casino Complex continues to expand...

Perth’s Burswood Casino is set to undergo an even greater expansion than originally planned, with the casino’s operator, Crown, announcing that more VIP facilities will be created to meet growing demand.

Crown has also revealed that it will be taking over the neighbouring Holiday Inn, in an $80million deal set to close in July, but that the company has no immediate plans to make changes to the hotel’s operations. In their recent announcement to the Australian Stock Exchange, Crown took the opportunity to lay out their plans for the near future: a programme of upgrades to the venue that are scheduled to be completed over the course of next year.

Perth is considered to be Western Australia’s only gambling destination, and this new round of improvements will help the city compete with international gambling centres like Macau and Singapore.

As well as the $350million renovation announced last year that included a premium restaurant, quality villas and a luxury yacht, Burwood Casino will see greater provision for gambling – catering to the new licensing guidelines with 250 more machines, and 50 new gaming tables, too.

The casino development alone represents an investment of more the $110million, and will be complemented by new luxury VIP apartments, new restaurants and entertainment facilities, and a facelift for the complex’s main entrance.

Crown has made it a policy to cater to the high end of the gambling market with lavish facilities, to meet growing international demand for their most expensive rooms. There’s little doubt, though, that the proposed redevelopment will make Burwood Casino an essential destination for Australian gamblers, too.

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