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Spin Palace Casino VIP Membership - take your game to the next level

In a recent article we had a look at the casino sign-up bonuses that are out there on the online casino market, and which ones might suit you and your gaming. Because you need to be thinking about a long-term commitment to really make the most of the sign-up bonuses, there is another side to the coin: VIP membership.

And for those of you who plan to play regularly, the rewards could be really mouth-watering...

No doubt we’ve said it before, but Spin Palace Online Casino offers one of the most competitive VIP membership deals out there. It’s an online casino that boasts some great features – more than 400 online Casino Games, for a start – and its VIP programme is one of our favourites.

What do you have to do to qualify? Spend time at Spin Palace’s excellent online casino. You’ll have to rack up 150,000 loyalty points on your Spin Palace membership, and there’s a deposit qualification of AU$10,000 over the lifetime of your account.

The next thing that will happen is that Spin Palace will contact you to start your VIP career.

And it won’t be the last time they contact you. Once you’re a VIP, Spin Palace will give you first choice of all their offers, first chance to try their new games, and first refusal of all their bonuses and special events.

And there’s more, too. At the start of your VIP membership, you’ll benefit from 500 free online casino credits, and you’ll have the chance to taste the rarified air of the platinum VIP club (your next rung up on the high-roller ladder...).

As a VIP, you’ll see more of your gaming rewarded with loyalty points, and you’ll see more rewards from those loyalty points, too. Those can include the 5-star holidays regularly up-for-grabs for Spin Palace’s VIP members.

There’s other benefits to the VIP programme, all of which amount to a genuinely first-rate online casino membership. As a VIP, you’ll see prioritised banking, alongside your own personal casino account manager and on-call support.

The real plus, we think, is the chance to make the most of each and every Spin Palace special offer, bonus and new release first and with a level of service that is second-to-none.

It’s a big investment of time and of dollars, but the rewards are genuinely top-drawer – Spin Palace’s VIP membership could be the place to take your online casino experience to the next level...

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