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Seven Casinos For Queensland?

Brace yourselves for BrisVegas. There could be three more casinos coming to Queensland, after licenses were made available by Campbell Newman’s State Government. And there seem to be plenty of developers in the running to get involved in a casino resort project in the State – we’re just hoping that they don’t start calling it BrisVegas seriously...

The main site that seems to be drawing interest is right next door to the State Parliament, and will be a redevelopment of what are mostly government buildings.

Newman will be hoping that a casino resort precinct right in the heart of Brisbane will proving a galvanising influence on the State’s tourism industry, which his administration regards as being in danger of seeming a little one-dimensional: ‘this is part of making sure Queensland has the right product mix. Queensland needs to be more than the beach and the reef and these will add strings to Queensland’s tourism bow,’ according to Tourism and Transport CEO Ken Morrison.

But the heart of Brisbane isn’t the only potential site for a Queensland casino resort or three. The news that more licenses would be made available was well received in the Gold Coast by Major Tom Tate: ‘we welcome the announcement to see more licenses issued for Queensland, and I hope, given we are the tourist capital of the state, that one will be issued for the Gold Coast.’

So the various developers and investors will be frantically putting together proposals for casino resorts for sites in Queensland – Echo Entertainment and Crown Resorts amongst them.

The central Brisbane site seems like a pretty hot piece of real estate if their interest is anything to go by – though of course it remains to be seen if the arrival of a city-block of bars, restaurants, theatres and plenty more (not forgetting a shiny new casino...) will see the same success in Brisbane as it has in Melbourne and elsewhere. On the plus side, Campbell Newman will have a great new gaming facility on his doorstep to pop into after a hard day’s work...

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