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Scientific Games Set to Release Seinfeld Pokie

Although it’s often been described as “a show about nothing”, the sitcom Seinfeld was hugely successful – both in the States and all around the world. It ran for nine highly regarded seasons, from 1989 to 1998, and now, thanks to the folks at Scientific Games, there will be a Seinfeld pokie hitting the market in the near future.

Instant Nostalgia

Seinfeld is a great property for Scientific Games to have got its hands on – there are lots fans of the show out there, new and old, and the developers will be hoping to tap into that existing popularity. At its peak, 30 million fans tuned in to watch Seinfeld every week, and Castle Rock Entertainment (which owns the rights to the show and who has done the deal with Scientific Games) will be hoping to rekindle some of that love.

Castle Rock spokesman Greg Paul said: “We're pleased to showcase the wit, humour and antics of Seinfeld in an all-new and exciting format, as part of an interactive gaming experience which we know will appeal to all Seinfeld fans and newcomers alike. As part of the global lexicon, the hit television series is ingrained in our pop-culture with favourite moments and phrases – like “Yada, Yada, Yada”, “Master of Your Domain”, “Man-Hands”, “Double-Dipping”, “The Costanza Wallet” and so many more – this game is sure to reinvigorate these memories for fans.”

A Wealth of Catchphrases

And we expect those catchphrases will be the highlight of this pokie – there are so many good ones, and they’re likely to bring back fond memories for lots of fans. But nostalgia aside, you should expect all the bells and whistles of a modern pokie machine, as well as bonus rounds and special features to enhance your chances of winning. We’re also expecting to see a progressive jackpot attached to the Seinfeld pokie, which will make it popular even with pokies fans who’ve never heard of Jerry Seinfeld.

But No Soup for You!

Unfortunately, that’s all the information out there on this new release at the moment, but you can be sure that we’ll have more for you when we hear it – plus reviews of new releases hitting your favourite online casinos and more besides. Check back in regularly for all the hot news!

And since you’re getting no more soup, we’ll just have to leave you with the words of Scientific Games’ Chief Executive Derik Mooberry, and hope that his excitement gives you all the clues you need about the pokie: “We are ecstatic to unveil the Seinfeld pokie. The eccentric and fun-loving nature of one of America's treasured sitcoms, paired with the advanced technology of our ground-breaking Gamescape cabinet, truly delivers an unforgettable pokie experience that transports players all the way to 81st Street on New York City's Upper East Side.”

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