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Roulette Tips - 10 Ways To Increase Your Online Roulette Winnings

Roulette is the classic player versus the house casino game of chance. Dating back centuries, players all around the world still flock to the roulette table to win big by predicting where on the wheel the spinning ball will land.

Here are 10 great tips to maximising your Online Roulette winnings:

1. Beware of advertised Guaranteed Roulette Winning Systems. These are often based on using past spins to predict the outcome of the next spin, but the Roulette ball is an inanimate object and has no awareness of previous results.

2. Always begin a roulette gambling session with an understanding of how much you can afford to lose if results do not go your way, and do not exceed this amount.

3. Be aware of the odds of the game. The in built Roulette Profit Margin is 2.7 percent in favour of the casino, or the house as it is often referred to as.

4. Choose European Roulette over American Roulette where possible. American Roulette has a single zero and a double zero which strongly (adversley) affects the odds for black or red betting.

5. Play only at casino sites which let you deposit and play in Australian Dollars. This will save you any banking transaction fees.

6. Understand the odds and rules before you place a bet. It is imperative to understand the game before you stake real money.

7. Find an Australian Roulette site which offers a generous cash bonus for new customers. Spin Palace Casino offers a new player bonus up to AU $1000 .

8. By choosing an online casino which awards comp points every time you play, you are effectively reducing the Casino house margin each time the roulette wheel spins.

9. Beware of doubling up your roulette bets after a losing spin. This approach is commonly referred to as the Martingale System and only works if you possess infinite wealth.

10. Only bet at the most respected and trusted Australian Online Casinos to ensure high quality gameplay and customer service.

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