online casino guide

Responsible Gambling Online

Online casinos are there for your pleasure. All the casinos we have reviewed take responsible gambling very seriously. We have taken advice from all the sites below, and we very much recommend you have a read through them, too, before you play.

Manage your play online

For any player who regularly enjoys online casinos, itís important to keep control of your budget. If youíre not careful, it can be easy to over-spend, and negatively impact your enjoyment of online casinos and the games on them. Most sites offer players the option to set a pre-agreed, specific spending limit to help you make sure your gambling expenditure is affordable and controlled. Itís an effective and easy solution that could help.

Gambling is different from Problem Gambling. Itís possible from time to time to reach a point at which youíre in denial about the extent of your own gambling problems, and itís important that you donít wait for an emergency before you look for help. You have to be honest with yourself and regularly ask yourself if you think that you might have a problem. Try setting yourself a target of stopping gambling Ė for a few days, couple of weeks, or for a month Ė as a good test to see if you can control it. If you canít manage to take a break from gambling, it may mean that you have a serious problem, and we canít recommend that you get help. Even if there isnít anyone you think you can share your problem with, remember that there are professional counsellors who will help you.

You can find counselling help by visiting the following sites:

Gamblers Anonymous

Gambling Counselling Services

Limit your own spending

Most sites will allow you to get help in the form of a spending limit by contacting customer services and agreeing a monthly amount you can wager. These requests will usually take effect straight away, but requests to loosen the spend levels again will normally take seven days Ė this is to give you a cooling off period, and to help you manage your account in a way thatís best for you.

Control the time you play online

We all know how easy it is to lose track of time and spend longer than you mean to at an online casino site. Most sites will give you the option to set an agreed time limit which pops up an alert when you have played for too long. You then have to physically click 'OK' to keep playing Ė and that could be the reminder you need.

Preventing gambling under the age of 18

To play at an online casino you must be at least 18 years old, or of legal gambling age in your country of residence: whichever is the older. Most casinos are not designed to appeal to children and will make every effort to prevent minors playing at their online casino. Unfortunately, though, no system is infallible, and some young people will not be detected. If you are aware of any person under the age of 18 gambling online, then please contact the casino in question.

Understand the rules of the games you play

Getting to know the games you are playing gives you a better chance of winning, and reduces the money you lose unnecessarily. Really understanding the rules of an online casino game is the best way to maximise your enjoyment of it, and your winnings, too. All of the casinos we review have a Ďgames explainedí section: we would advise you to read through this section before playing a game for the first time, or if you are unsure of the rules or the format. On all the sites you can view the independently audited 'returns to player' stats by game type to give you more information.