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Record Mobile Pokies Payout

We love the mobile casinos. We think they’re a great idea, and a great new direction for the industry as a whole. It’s a few years now since the online casinos first came along and brought the casinos to our living rooms, and it was nothing short of a revelation.

The mobile casinos are the natural next step up in convenience for online gaming, and the chance to take our favourite Online Pokies with us on the go is one the we – and plenty of Australians up and down the country – have jumped at.

But the mobile casinos are still quite new, and they’ve got a high bar to meet in terms of quality, choice and customer service – set by their big online casino cousins. So it’s a good thing in our view that the online casinos have got behind the mobile casinos and given them some real support.

They haven’t had to forge their way alone, and some of the best mobile casinos around are linked to successful online casinos. The choice of games has understandably been limited to a select few in the early days of the mobile casinos – just a few old casino game favourites, and the pokies that convert the best to the smaller-screen format.

But that is changing all the time as more pokies and games make the transition from online casino to the mobile format – and there have even been new pokies and games developed specifically for the mobile casinos, which we see as a real step in the right direction.

And the other area in which the mobile casinos are coming on in leaps and bounds is the size of the jackpots on offer. More players means more pokies spins and more revenue, which in turn all add up to bigger jackpots.

And if the most recent new record is anything to go by, then lots of players are taking up the mobile casinos with gusto. The previous record was close to AU$1.5million, but that has been smashed by a win on Melon Madness of more than AU$2.5million at Party Casino.

That’s still a way behind the record for an online casino single jackpot payout, but it’s life-changing money all the same, and it just goes to show that the mobile casinos are coming of age. That’s a good thing, we reckon, for pokie lovers here in Australia!

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