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Recent Winners At All Slots Casino

It’s time for All Slots Online Casino to round up the noteworthy winners in 2013, and we’re always interested to see where the big wins are coming from – which pokies and Casino Games are paying out most often and most generously.

And to see where the big wins are going – where the luckiest punters are in the world when they strike it rich. The law of averages tells us that where the winners are, there are lots of players, and so we see these monthly winners as an indication of the health of All Slots – and the online casinos in general – in Australia. If these results are anything to go by, then the online casinos, and especially the pokies, are going great here in Australia!

There were some pretty big wins in August: jackpots getting up towards a hundred thousand Australian dollars. There’s no surprise that the biggest wins come on the pokies, and it was on Lady of the Orient that Cherie in Victoria picked up a win worth AU$50,050. Lady of the Orient is a quality choice for pokies fans (and obviously a lucky one for Cherie!) – the sort of unfussy and uncomplicated pokies experience that has always been popular.

Don’t get us wrong: we love all the extras that you see on the newest and most glossy pokies, with lots of bonus rounds to enjoy, and lots of different wilds and scatters combinations to keep track of. Lady of the Orient is a peaceful experience by comparison, and it’s popular for a reason...

Elsewhere, we were pleased to see that big wins keep coming on the mobile casinos that are busy building momentum in the industry. The pokies on the mobile casinos just keep getting better, and the choice of them available on your smartphone or iphone is growing all the time. So it’s no surprise that there are more and more winners at the mobile casinos, and it’s pleasing to see that there was a win worth more than AU$10,000 on a mobile casino by Vicky in Western Australia.

Australians have a bit of a reputation for being discerning adopters of new technology, but this confirms what we’ve been seeing for a little while: there are more and more smartphones and iphones in use in Australia, better mobile coverage to use them with, and more and better mobile casinos, too.

Last of all, there was a feel-good story in August’s All Slots round-up. Clint, in South Australia, picked up the Beginner’s Luck Award, and a prize worth more than AU$7,000, on the ever-popular pokie Avalon. He’d been a member for less than a month when he scored that big win, and it just goes to show that it could be you – so get over to All Slots and get signed up today!

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