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Promotions: Know What You’re Getting

Whenever you do anything online, security is a concern. That applies especially when you’re making any kind of purchase, or depositing money into your account at your favourite online casino.

Of course, the online casinos that we recommend here on the site – quality, well-established online casinos like Spin Palace Casino and the Gaming Club Casino – take the security of their customers very seriously indeed, encrypting data, restricting their transactions to reputable service providers, and undergoing close scrutiny to allow players to enjoy their Online Pokies and Casino Games in complete confidence.

But there’s no substitute for being careful and being informed about your online gaming. Accreditations like eCOGRA help you to establish which online casinos are trustworthy, as well as their licensing details: licenses out of Gibraltar, for instance, or Kahnawake, come with considerable oversight, and imply a reputable online casino.

And the court of public opinion (never more active or accessible than the internet has made it) is a great way of judging an online casino’s credentials: the more dissatisfied customers you can find making their displeasure public online, the harder you should think before you decide to make that online casino your gambling home-from-home.

That’s why the very best online casinos (like the ones we recommend to at OCG) take such good care of their customers, ensuring that any technical or other issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently by customer care available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But it isn’t just in judging an online casino’s overall security that you should be cautious and thorough. The devil is in the details with the bonuses, too. There are so many extremely tempting sign-up bonuses on offer that we find it hard to keep up with them. It seems that the online casinos are prepared to give you a serious helping hand as a new member.

But, as with anything, the bonus that you’ll receive comes with conditions, and you should be aware of them. Typically, this will include a play-through condition, which means that you won’t be able to withdraw any of the special bonus cash you receive until you have ‘played through’ it a certain number of times.

The reason we’re focussing on this issue here is that in the UK, the Advertising Standards Agency has been involved in a couple of cases in recent weeks that involved inadequate information on play-through requirements. You can reasonably expect to have to use the bonus cash about forty or fifty times before you can see any returns from it – that’s why we always recommend that players only take on the really big welcome bonus offers if they intend to spend considerable time at an online casino.

In which case, playing through that cash many times isn’t so much a chore as a pleasure, and plenty of other perks are available along the way.

The reality of the welcome bonus is this: it isn’t a quick road to riches, but instead an excellent enhancement of the online gaming that you’ll be enjoying anyway. If you handle it right, it can really improve you online casino experience – just be sure to familiarise yourself with the fine print, as you don’t want any nasty surprises, only nice ones, like great big jackpot wins!

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