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Progressive Jackpot pays out nearly AU$150,000

Online Pokies with progressive jackpots have been a really positive addition to our favourite online casinos. We reckon they’re one of the things making the gambling industry as a whole, and specifically online casinos, such a massive success at the moment.

We’ve never actually won one, and the appeal is still huge, as we watch the available jackpot climb surely and steadily towards life-changing piles of cash. Imagine how keen we’d be on the progressive jackpot pokies if we’d actually won one!

Until our time comes, we’ll have to content ourselves with the knowledge that the big prizes are being won by punters just like us all the time. Just this week there was a huge payout of almost AU$150,000 on a Mega Moolah progressive pokie.

That might not seem all that exciting – after all, Microgaming’s progressive pokies have paid out over AU$380billion to date – but this was a progressive pokie on a mobile casino. We can’t think of a better sign of the times: the first big win on a progressive pokie on a mobile casino confirms what we’ve been saying for a little while. The mobile casinos are here to stay, and they’re only going to get more and more popular.

Both Microgaming and the Scandinavian mobile casino Mr. Green (where the progressive pokie was won) were keen to draw attention to this industry first. For Microgaming, spokesman Ashley Sandyford-Sykes hoped that ‘this win can only increase the popularity of the games offering.’

With any luck he’s right, and we’re hoping that Microgaming and the fans of mobile casinos get themselves into a virtuous cycle: more fans should encourage Microgaming to produce more excellent games for the mobile casinos, and more top-drawer games should, in turn, draw more fans to the mobile casinos.

At Mr. Green, information director Stina Reutercrona explained that everyone at the company was (understandably) delighted, ‘especially since he was playing on our new mobile site.’ We can understand that. We’re pretty excited about the convenience of the mobile casinos, and the thought of all those huge progressive jackpots on our favourite mobile casinos just makes them all the sweeter…

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