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Pokie revenues in Victoria more than $600 per person

The government of Victoria, Australia, have released a new report into state gambling revenues showing that residents have spent on average $611 per person on pokie machines. The report was published by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation (VCGR) and highlights the high propensity to gamble amongst Victorians. Despite this, the number of pokie games installed through Victoria is down to just 27,000.

The state is said to collect near $1 billion in gambling taxes alone. However, that figure would be much higher if the proposed deregulation of online gambling arrives sooner rather than later.

Offshore online Casinos are estimated to have made nearly $790 million from Australian residents in the past financial year. And as it is not legal for online casinos to be based within Australia, there is zero tax collected by state governments.

Existing pokie revenues are coming under pressure from the growth of Online Pokies operated by overseas internet based casinos. Such operators have much lower fixed costs so are able to offer customers high sign up bonuses and larger pokie jackpots, as well as over 300 different pokie games to choose from.

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