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Playtech's Cash Cubes

There’s something new on the way from Playtech, and it’s something a little bit different that could prove to be very popular indeed. We’re big fans of a top-of-the-line pokie at our favourite online casinos, especially an exciting new release – if you’ve spent any time at all on these pages you’ll already know that. You’ll know, too, that we like that those online casinos feature a much wider choice of games than just the big-name pokies. There are the virtual simulations of classics like Roulette and Blackjack, and a bit of Video Poker, too, but we love the odd little unique game, as well. Those are the ones that can really be a breath of fresh air, and bring a lot of personality to a visit to an online casino.

We think Playtech’s newest release might be one of those quirky breath-of-fresh-air games, and we think it might be a really good one, too! It’s called Cash Cubes, and it’s a fresh take on the bingo-based games that you’ve probably seen around. Those games regularly feature 90 or so balls, but Cash Cubes stands out with just 36. It’s a quick-fire experience, as well, with a fresh game starting every two minutes. Which gives you a clue as to where Playtech are looking to market this game: it will be available across all the mobile devices you have in your pockets. You can expect a product that’s targeted at players looking for a short, sharp experience with plenty of options – this is a multi-stake game, giving you an extra level of control.

Here’s how Playtech’s own Chief Operating Officer Daniel Phillips sees Cash Cubes: “we have developed and designed a highly original product with an innovative twist with this 36-ball, multi stake variant. We premiered the game at ICE 2016 and the feedback was phenomenal. The game looks fantastic and, with a number of our largest licensees heavily promoting the game, the early signs are very encouraging with players immediately engaging with and enjoying this innovative new format.” Sounds to us like you should give it a go!

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