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Playtech’s Caped Crusader Pokie Arrives

The Dark Knight has had a real revival in recent years, all kicked off by Christopher Nolan’s film trilogy and various cinematic showdowns with the likes of Superman and the Suicide Squad, not to mention some very highly regarded animated appearances. But for those of a certain age, Bruce Wayne hasn’t always been the gritty vigilante hiding in the shadows. There was a time when he preferred blue Lycra and wore his pants on the outside…


The Caped Crusader, in his brilliantly camp 1960s incarnation, is arriving in pokie format thanks to a deal between Warner Bros. and software developer Playtech. The first two arrivals at your favourite online casinos are Batman & The Joker Jewels and Batman & Catwoman Cash – no prizes for guessing which of his classic foes the Caped Crusader will be facing down in each of those!

Both look to be solid pokies that will be popular at online casinos: The Joker Jewels features a huge number of wilds that will really pay out when you land them, and Catwoman Cash lets you stack up symbols for in-reel bonuses and to re-trigger your free spins. Best of all, both are linked to Playtech’s DC Super Heroes Jackpot, which is a progressive pot that’ll rack up fast with the arrival of these two new pokies.


And it gets better. It sounds like Playtech intends to make the most of its partnership with Warner Bros. by releasing a further four Batman-themed pokies in 2017, and more besides. Playtech CEO Shimon Akad said: “I'm extremely proud of our collaboration between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Playtech’s innovative development studios. The Batman Classic TV Series pokies, that will rapidly be followed by Superman I, Superman II, and Man of Steel and a whole host of other DC Super Hero branded games, are a premium addition to our best-performing range of the industry's leading progressive jackpot pokies content and will provide our licensees and DC Super Hero fans with the ultimate Batman gaming experience.”


So fans of DC comics can expect to see their favourite crime-fighters hitting online casinos in earnest in the near future – and the best news for pokies fans is that it sounds like all of the DC-themed pokies will be linked to the same progressive jackpot, which means that the pot will just get bigger with every spin of any of the pokies. It won’t be long before a lucky fan hits a massive payday, and ends up as rich as Bruce Wayne!

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