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Playtech Still Expanding

This isn’t the first time we’ve put pen to paper to tell you about Playtech and the software developer’s various successes – it isn’t even the only time in the past month or so that we’ve had cause to mention their expansion. Playtech is apparently a company on the rise, and we’ve seen in recent weeks a number of interesting acquisitions of smaller firms and key appointments of new staff – all of them suggesting that there are ambitious plans afoot at Playtech. What we’re really excited to see, of course, is the direction that Playtech will take with their new pokies and games developments, as they are one of the companies that determine the pokies we’ll be loving next year and beyond.

So the absorption of Quickspin into the Playtech family was an interesting bit of news, because it tells us that Playtech are looking to work with creative new arrivals to the pokies business to bring us something fresh and exciting. Recent news, then, that Playtech will be adding casual games expert Funtactix to the fold has piqued our interest, as well. Funtactix are very well regarded in the world of casual games development, especially when it comes to games with themes that tie into big pop-culture properties like, for instance, The Hunger Games, Mission: Impossible, Power Rangers and Rocky. Coming on the back of the addition in recent years of Plamee and Yoyo Games to Playtech’s ranks – both games developers in the same field as Funtactix – it’s a deal that makes Playtech’s capacity to develop casual games very strong indeed.

With Playtech adding that expertise to their portfolio, can we expect to see a few big movie tie-in pokies in the near future? There’s no doubt that they’re popular in the competitive Online Pokies market, and we love them. We would probably prefer to see Playtech sticking with the pokies and games that pay out the massive life-changing jackpots rather than working to increase their share of the casual games market, but we can’t fault their ambition in seeking to get the big brands into pokie and game format. In the words of Playtech’s Chief Operating Officer Shimon Akad, “the Playtech casual games division has a clear strategy and direction and we're very confident it will continue to go from strength to strength. The acquisition of Funtactix, in addition to Plamee and YoYo Games, enables us to offer a complete suite of content and software to players, designers and third parties including some of the largest studios and brands in the world.”

We’ll be keeping an eye out for new games, then, with the Playtech logo on them. There will be some casual games in the mix that we’ll probably be having a go on, of course, but we’re really interested in new and exciting pokies titles from Playtech, and we’re hoping for a good few of those in the coming months!

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