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Playtech On The Rise

There are things afoot at Playtech: the software developer has been in the news this week, and the rumours are all positive. There’s been the acquisition of Swedish pokies development studio Quickspin in a deal worth a cool €50million, and then there was the high-profile hiring of a new Chief Policy Officer: Francesco Rodano.

Both of those pieces of news are admittedly a little dry for these pages, where we like to keep the focus more on the newest pokies releases and the biggest jackpots, but there’s a reason that our eye has been drawn to the goings-on at Playtech. Rodano’s previous experience is as the head of remote gaming at Italy’s gambling regulator, and Quickspin are a relatively small but well-regarded developer of software (including pokies, of course), specifically in new formats and on new platforms. Add those together and what have you got? Well, we’re hoping that it’s lots of exciting new pokies and other genre-redefining games from Playtech. There has been talk for a number of years now about what the next game format will be, and it’s fair to say, we think, that the newest platforms have yet to see a game that’s their own, and that really makes the best use of the portability and connectivity of the iphones and smartphones that seem like they will be the future of gaming. With these two pieces of news, it’s our hope that Playtech have set themselves the task of coming up with the pokies that will define our gaming over the next few years, and we’re right behind them.

Not that the market is short of great Playtech pokies, mind you. You only have to pay a visit to an online casino like 32Red or Party Casino and you can get a taste of the high-quality product Playtech already offer. With an influx of new talent and some new resources, too, we’re hoping that we’ll see some great games in the near future!

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