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Playtech On The Beach

We’re lucky here in Australia with our beach weather. And when you can go down the beach pretty much whenever you like, it can be hard, sometimes, to understand the European obsession with the three months of the year when they get decent weather. Playtech’s newest pokie is a great example of that: Spinions Beach Party goes out of its way to give you a fun beach party experience, throwing all the sounds and graphics and whimsical animated characters it can your way, along with the chance to win some big prizes.

You’d be right in thinking that the name of this pokie sounds familiar for some reason. To be honest, when you see the visuals, you’re likely to be wondering how they’ve got away with this, because there’s more than a little that’s familiar about the whole pokie. There are, by our count, three big-budget movies out there that feature the ‘Minions’ – you know, those cute little yellow people with rounded-off heads and a tendency for high-jinx. Well, these aren’t ‘Minions’ but ‘Spinions’, and they’re not yellow but orange, and that’s about where the differences end. It’s not going to trouble us too much, mind you, because this is a good-fun experience as a pokie, with the Spinions in the background living up the beach party, and the reels decorated with some vibrant images. What might trouble some folks is the volatility of this pokie – there are a couple of good features on offer, both of them types of re-spins, and they can mean that the winnings really stack up. That’s the extent of it, though, and with the option of some big stakes, you might be well advised to watch how you go with this pokie.

There’s not much else for hardcore pokies fans to really get their teeth into here. There’s not much by way of innovation going on, either. Now, we don’t necessarily think that’s such a bad thing: this is a pokie with a tried-and-tested format, and it’s a pokie with a tried-and-tested theme. But does that make it any less fun? Absolutely not. Spinions is a real breath of fresh air, and its available across lots of formats, so it’s perfect for a quick spin or two on your smartphone. It might even pay you out a big prize. What’s not to like about that?

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