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Play The Game Of Thrones

If you’re a George R. R. Martin fan who’s read all of the books, or a mega-fan of the HBO series, or just work in fairly close proximity to someone who watched the first episode of series six, you’re already aware that Game of Thrones has returned to televisions all around the world.

It could be that you don’t consider that to be big news, or even newsworthy at all, but we’re here to give you another angle. We’ve been drawing attention in these pages over the past couple of weeks (and we’ll be continuing to over the next few weeks) to our favourite nerd culture pokies. And they’re some pretty solid titles that would stand alone, with or without the geek chic tag, and still be some of the most popular pokies at the top online casinos here in Australia.

The Game of Thrones pokie is one of those: it’s a worthy addition to the massive collections of pokies at sites like All Slots and 32Red. There’s no shortage of special features and bonus rounds kicking around the reels of the modern pokies at our favourite online casinos these days, but Game of Thrones still manages to bring something a little bit different to the party. Even if you’re not a fan of the show or the books (and have no idea what the flags mean or who the families are) there’s still a lot of appeal in pledging your allegiance to the Starks or the Lannisters in this pokie’s bonus rounds, especially when you stand to win some tasty jackpot prizes into the bargain.

So Game of Thrones makes it onto our list of best nerdy pokies not just because it’s topical with the show drawing so many fans, but because this is a high quality, good fun pokie that could well stand the test of time and still be popular in years to come. Winter may well be coming, but we wouldn’t bet against this pokie lasting it out…

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