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Paypal Now Available For Australians

Here is some welcome news for online gamblers in Australia: Paypal will be expanding its support of online casinos, which already include Party Casino and 888 Casinos. That means that the security, and ease of use, that ebay customers have enjoyed through Paypal will soon be a fixture of online casinos, too.

Paypal was removed as a payment method for online casinos in 2002, and those of you who are regular gamers will testify that making payments to online casinos has been complex since. With each casino managing its own payment methods, players have sometimes been faced with a choice between convenience and variety.

Now, that looks set to change. Teaming up with Neovia (formerly Neteller), Paypal has been working on expanding its presence in the online gambling market through a series of partnerships with casinos.

It will be a welcome change for online gamblers in Australia: dealing with a different exchange rate at each casino has added a layer of inconvenience for players here. Paypal determines one exchange rate at source – and that’s just one of the advantages that Paypal offers.

Because you only log your account details with Paypal, it is one of the most secure payment methods available, and that lets you enjoy your Online Casino experience without the worry. And because it is so easy to use, and so widely accepted online, Paypal will really speed up all your internet purchases, whether they’re new packs of cards on ebay, or a flutter at an online Casino...

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