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Online roulette reassuringly authentic

Online Roulette has been a favourite offering from online casinos since their inception. Based on the traditional casino game, and with graphics and animation that perfectly replicate the real game, players are able to place bets on numbers and colours just as they would in a traditional casino. Unlike a real world casino setting, however, Online Roulette allows you to decide when the wheel is spun and there are also a number of variations of the game on offer, from double bonus spins to three wheel Online Roulette.

Roulette, like its historic counterpart blackjack, has been around for hundreds of years. The game consists of a flat wheel split into 36 small, numbered pockets, alternating in colour between red and black. The wheel is surrounded by an angled circular border, onto which a small ball is spun, after the wheel itself is set into a spinning motion. The ball eventually loses momentum and rests in one of the 36 numbered pockets, designating the winning number.

The betting system for Online Roulette is the same as in traditional roulette and bets are placed in a variety of ways on an adjacent board that displays a grid of all the numbers.

Bets in Online Roulette are made by placing virtual chips onto the grid, the simplest bet being to place a chip onto a single number. This provides the lowest odds of winning but also the highest possible return. Odds increase, and potential return decreases, the wider the bet is spread. For example, a player could place one chip on the corner of four numbers, providing a return if the ball were to land on any of the four numbers.

There are also more general betting options, for example to simply select either red or black, or by choosing a range of numbers the ball might land in, such as one to twelve or thirteen to twenty four.

Online Roulette offers all the betting options of traditional roulette, with detailed graphics of the wheel and betting board, allowing you to place chips and manage your bets just as you would in a real world casino. There are, however, added benefits to playing on the internet; not least of which the fact that you might be eligible for promotions such as the online casino No Deposit Bonus just for signing up at the site of your choice.

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