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The Best Online Roulette in Australia

Roulette has arrived on your tablets, and it’s hitting the format with some style! With the release by Microgaming of their European Roulette Gold Series – which brings all the experience the software developer has gleaned from generations of Roulette simulations and applies it to the newest medium, making the most of the tablet technology to produce a game with great graphics, smooth video and compelling gameplay (including the chance to play live alongside other players from around the world, which really gives the social aspect back to Roulette) – lovers of the classic casino table game will be able to play the very newest and best version of the game wherever they want.

We’re not really surprised by the high quality of the new tablet-friendly version of Gold Series Roulette: Roulette is a game that has really cemented itself as a favourite at the online casinos, mostly because the versions – though in truth they are more like simulations – just keep getting better. Online Roulette is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. The game has stood the test of time, helping to establish the casinos themselves, and the raft of innovations just make it even more of a pleasure to play. You can track your bets and side bets, and see up-to-the-minute stats as you play, all of it alongside a smooth video-simulation Roulette wheel – or even with a live croupier via video-link.

So with Roulette appearing in all our favourite casinos, from resorts like Crown Melbourne to our PCs at quality online casinos like Spin Palace and now to our smartphones, iphones and tablets, we are pleased to see that the ‘little wheel’ has all markets covered. But where are the best places to find your online Roulette, and which versions are the best for players in Australia?

The Real Wheel

Perhaps the only place to start is with the bricks-and-mortar casino resorts, with their glossy Roulette tables and smartly-dressed staff that give you a taste of the high-roller lifestyle. This is where Roulette made its name (and made the name of the Monte Carlo casinos, too), and that is where some people think it is best played. Certainly, you get a real social element to your game, with other punters and well-wishers gathered around the table, and that definitely adds to the enjoyment (not to mention the chance to play with a drink in your hand...). We really enjoy the tactile element of the game at a real casino, too: the feel of the chips in our hands is a treat we cannot get all that often (we don’t get them out and lay the felt out in our living room when we’re playing online – don’t know about you, of course...).

But the casino resorts aren’t necessarily close to where we are all the time. Certainly, lots of Australians would have to travel a good distance to get to one of the (admittedly) high-quality casino resorts dotted around our country. And so that travel (and the expense that goes with it) tends to rule out a spin of the Roulette wheel at a casino resort for most of us, most of the time.

The Online Roulette Revolution

Convenience is king. At first, the revolution brought us a substitute for the real Roulette wheels we’ve always loved in the casinos. Those early simulations were no match, though, for the games that came later. We have already mentioned European Roulette Gold Series, but it is a release that is just the most recent in a string of Roulette games that have brought this classic casino favourite to every house in Australia, with just an internet connection needed to bring to fun to you. We feature a dozen or so online casinos on our Casino Reviews Page, and they all have (in addition to hundreds of pokies and casino games, as well as tempting sign-up deals and loyalty programmes) a range of Roulette options. There will be a definitive version available (we would recommend the European Roulette options, but only for the single ‘0’ pocket, and the better odds that go with it...), plus as many variations and fresh themes as you could ever need on top of the straight-up version. Look out for the excellent Gold Series mentioned above, as well as multi-wheel Roulette (giving you more than one wheel’s worth of fun!) and multi-player Roulette (which recreates the social aspect of the original). We are especially excited about Roulette Royale (and others like it) which offer a progressive jackpot tied to your Roulette play. The rewards on offer are already good with Roulette, especially if you have a system that works for you – so why not add the extra spice of a massive progressive cash jackpot into the mix?

Taking Your Roulette With You

And finally we come to the newest incarnations of the ‘little wheel’, and proof that the mobile casinos that are securing their places on our iphones, tablets and smartphones are about more than the pokies (though those are excellent...). If you haven’t tried Roulette at a mobile casino yet, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality you’ll find, both in the presentation of the game and in the gameplay. Best of all, each and every one of the great mobile casinos that we present for you on our Mobile Casinos Reviews Page offer you at least one version of the casino classic: Roulette is alive and well in this most recent reincarnation of the casinos that it helped to found and to form. Long may that last!

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