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Online Poker finds a home in Australia as the game’s popularity soars

It’s fair to say that Australians have never been seen as big gamblers – the gaming industry here has historically never had the scope of the U.S. casinos. But there are signs that that might be changing, and it’s down to one game: Poker.

Poker has seen a surge of popularity in recent years, with televised games bringing the game to a wider international audience. Australian personalities like Shane Warne and Joe Hachem have shown that money can be won playing Poker, but they have also shown Australians that the game can be fun.

Hundreds of pubs and clubs across the country have found they can make a success of gaming evenings and events. Australia has one of the world’s premier gaming venues in Melbourne’s Crown Casino, and more than 2000 poker players travelled there for last year’s Aussie Millions Poker Tournament.

But there’s another factor in Poker’s rise in popularity – online poker. Whilst the numbers of face-to-face players has risen steadily, online poker’s popularity has exploded: but when you think that the online poker rooms bring a genuinely international gaming experience directly and conveniently into Australian living rooms, is it really a surprise? And it’s only getting better, as the industry begins to recognise and cater to a growing Australian audience...

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