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We love our online casinos. And we’re not content to just settle for one. There are just too many good ones out there, and the old saying ‘a change is as good as a rest’ was never more true.

That said, there are many more Casino Games available online that we would be happy recommending to you – we have tried, on the site, to give you a shorter list of top-quality online casinos, to help you narrow your search for the best place to spend your online time, and for the very best online casino experience.

But how do you judge which of these top-rated online casinos is best for you? We plan, over the next few weeks or so, to take a closer look at the factors that you’ll want to consider, in the hope that it’ll make your life easier, and make your search shorter, so you can get to playing the games that bit sooner!

So what are the things we’ll be considering? All of these will be covered in greater detail in their own articles, of course, but we’ll give you a little taste here:

Choice. How many games are there available on the site? How many Online Pokies? How many classic Casino Games? How much variety is on offer? What’s the overall quality of the games like?

Authenticity. You want to be sure, before you sign up to become a member of an online casino, that everything is above board. The anonymity of the internet can be a challenge, but there are ways of satisfying yourself that you’re dealing with the real thing...

Security. Tied in some ways to the authenticity of an online casino, security is obviously a major concern when you’re thinking about depositing money. We’ll give you the signs to look for that an online casino will take good care of your cash, letting you play in confidence.

Accessibility. A really good online casino is simple to use, and you won’t experience anything more than a very rare glitch in your playing time. But accessibility is more than that, and we judge a casino on the information available (guides for new players, for instance) on the site, and also on the deposit and withdrawal options for players here in Australia.

Customer Service. If something does go wrong, you want to know that your queries or complaints will be dealt with professionally, and preferably with lots of options available like real-time chat and toll-free numbers here in Australia.

Bonuses. There’s no shortage of welcome bonuses on offer at online casinos. But do you know exactly what you’re getting, and is it the best deal for you? We help you to get the right deal, and to fit the bonus you’re getting to the play that suits you...

So watch this space for more on each of those topics, and for some online casino recommendations, too!

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