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Online Casinos welcome back PayPal

PayPal, the online payments processing company, is set to return to the online casino industry after a self imposed break of over a year.

Australian Casino players can now use PayPal to deposit and withdraw funds to and from their online casino accounts; a welcome boost for gamers. The return of PayPal is a further result of the worldwide increase in regulations within the online gaming sector, and a sign of how much the industry has advanced in recent years.

Partygaming, the largest online casino company in the world, looks set to re-enter the US market as soon as the American laws change. PayPal's return to the sector is a clear signal that the company expects the US to re-open for online Casino, Poker and Bingo business.

Online Casinos in Australia and worldwide will welcome the return of PayPal as it allows customers to transfer funds securely whilst protecting their own personal banking details. PayPal is owned by Ebay, the world's leading online auction website. Check out our casino reviews to see who is now offering this as a payment option.

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