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Progressive Jackpots Slot Machines

A progressive jackpot is normally, but not exclusively, a term which describes a linked online jackpot on a slot machine or Online Pokies. Because the jackpot is linked into a network of multiple Casino slot machines, the jackpot return will normally be far higher than a normal slot machine.

In many cases, progressive jackpots will be contributed to from a varity of different slot machines played through different online casinos. As more people contribute to the jackpot, the bigger it gets more quickly.

A percentage of every coin bet on a progressive jackpot slot machine will go towards the linked jackpot prize. Also, it is normal for a smaller, additional percentage to go towards the "buffer" jackpot, referring to the jackpot reserve fund in case a player wins the big prize.

Progressive Jackpots can also be found in Online Blackjack games and online Caribbean poker games. Although these jackpots can be lucrative, they are less attractive as the prizes do not reach the levels of online slots and online pokie progressives.

So slots players can find which jackpots have the biggest prizes at any one time, Casinos provide a jackpot ticker feed, which illustrates the top prize, often climbing in value every second.

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