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The Rise of the Online Casino in Australia

In times gone by, if you wanted to enjoy a spin or two of the reels of a pokie, you headed down to your local pub or social club. The machines might look big and clunky by comparison to your iphone, but they were amazing things, even then, with some serious calculations going on under the hood, and lots of combinations on the reels – which all adds up to the possibility of really big jackpots on a pokie machine. Of course, the big-time casinos came along and shook up the pokies scene, with venues like the very impressive Crown Melbourne and The Star offering hundreds of those great pokie machines all in one place. For Australian pokie-lovers, there were suddenly venues that were a lot more accessible than Las Vegas or Macau, and offering pokies that hit Australian tastes, too. The bricks-and-mortar casinos have moved on in the past decade or so, and they are now much bigger complexes that offer you all the creature comforts you could ever want – luxury hotels, bars, restaurants, theatres, nightclubs and more. But there’s a feeling they have had to move on because there’s been a new player on the casino scene since the early nineties, and from the point of view of Australia’s legions of pokie connoisseurs, that new player has brought a welcome revolution in pokies.

Because the arrival in our lives of the online casinos back in the early nineties was nothing short of a revolution in pokie enjoyment. Suddenly, all those great games that we’d seen in the lobbies of big casinos were available in our living rooms, and, although the online casinos looked pretty functional to begin with, the speed with which the technology has advanced has been absolutely breathtaking: just take a look at one of the newest generation of video pokies and you’ll see what we mean! And the online casinos have been growing and getting better all the time. Australia has been a good proving ground for the online casinos, and the best ones have thrived here. They’ve been a part of an industry that’s been growing even against the backdrop of global financial uncertainty. This year, the online casinos were a major factor in online gambling, overtaking for the first time any other form in terms of revenue. And, with the mobile casinos more and more popular with Australians, the success of the online casinos looks like it’s here to stay.

So why are the online casinos so popular in Australia? There’s lots of quality sites to choose from (and that are competing for your business, but we’ll come back to that), so you’re in an ideal position to pick and choose the one that you like. That said, all of the online casinos that we recommend on the site share some features, and it’s these, we think, that make them so popular:

  • Convenience.
  • Choice.
  • Quality.
  • Prizes.
  • Rewards.
  • Innovation.

Let’s take a look at those a little more closely.

Convenience. It really is king. You might not be able to remember a time before the world’s best casino games and pokies were available with nothing more than an internet connection, but the arrival of the online casino in Australia was a game-changer.

Choice. The casino resorts will boast about the number of pokie machines in their lobbies (and they might well be worth a visit), but an online casino offers you literally hundreds of different pokies to choose from. There’s no duplication online, and there’s no queuing, either, so you can take a bit of time to try a few hundred top-of-the-line pokies, and when you find a favourite, you can come back to it any time you like.

Quality. Microgaming is a software developer that was involved right at the very birth of the online casinos, and they have a well-deserved reputation for releasing high-quality new products very regularly. As a developer, they have been setting the standard: the online casinos are constantly evolving, and the standards set for the quality of games is very, very high.

Prizes. Big ones. The pokies that we remember in pubs and social clubs offered prizes that were tempting at the time. Now, the pokies at your favourite online casino offer Australians life-changing money for the smallest of stakes. The odds of picking up a win on a progressive pokie might be long, but always remember – it could be you that walks away with literally millions of dollars.

Rewards. Even aside from the cash jackpots on offer, there are great rewards to be found at every online casino. Australia is a key market for the big online casinos, and they will offer mouth-watering sign-up deals (see the table we’ve laid out below) to encourage you to have a go. On top of that, look out for a loyalty scheme to reap benefits each and every time you play.

Innovation. We’ve touched on it already, but we don’t think it’s a point that can be over-stated. The speed of innovation by the online casinos is dizzying. Not just quality new games appearing every month, but variations on classic casino games, and (most significantly) new technologies that appear all the time. From the Poker Rooms that let players play against live opponents from around the world in real time, to interactive live dealers for Blackjack and Roulette, the online casinos just keep pushing the limits of what’s possible.

So it’s no surprise, really, that over the past twenty years the online casinos have gone from the newest arrival on the gambling scene to one of the major players, and to being the sector that’s driving innovation in both technology and in new games. We don’t think there’s ever been a better time to join an online casino. Australia seems to love them – we think you might to...

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