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One In The Neck At Jupiters

Hereís a little piece of news that will likely polarise opinion amongst casino fans, and it features Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. It seems that the casino has recently decided to put a dress code in place, and a young lady who goes by the name Bee Bumble has fallen foul of the new standards already.

What did she do wrong? She has tattoos on her neck. And thatís not something thatís allowed under the new dress code at Jupiters. Whichever side of the inevitable debate youíre on, itís worth keeping in mind if youíre planning a visit to the Gold Coast casino that youíll now have to think about what youíre going to wear when you rock up at the venue. Or you could do what our young tattoo artist who suddenly finds herself in the news did: just cover your tattoos up with a little bit (or a lot) of make-up and carry on with your evening!

Of course, there is another solution to the problem of the dress code at whichever of Australiaís excellent bricks-and-mortar casinos you might find yourself paying a visit to. That solution is to bring the casino to you, beamed straight into your home, with one of the superb online casinos that we recommend to you here at OCG. Or check out a mobile casino that you can take with you wherever you go. One thingís for sure: if you take the online casino option, then thereís no dress code for you to worry about, so itís all about making yourself as comfortable as possible when youíre enjoying the best pokies and Casino Games available anywhere, tattoos and all!

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