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New Year, New Favourites?

Your Christmas celebrations are most likely winding down, and 2015 is, too. So itís time, probably, to start thinking about your plans for New Yearís Eve, and beyond that, time to starting thinking about 2016 and what it might have in store...

If youíre anything like us, those plans will include keeping up to speed with the latest developments in the world of online casinos, and especially keeping an eye out for the most exciting new pokies hitting the market next year. And there might be some New Yearís resolutions flying around in the next week or so Ė there will likely be some in our house. Hereís a couple that we thought might be good ones, and ones that we might even be able to stick to!

First: find a new favourite pokie to play online. This wonít be easy, with so many new choices already out there, and some great new titles joining the ranks in the last year alone. And it will depend a little bit on what your current favourite is, too. If youíre a fan of the progressive pokies and their life-changing jackpots, then Mega Moolah looks hard to beat, especially on the back of a year that saw it cough up the biggest jackpot in history. If youíre into the big, modern video pokies, though, you could be in for a good year. Will there be Star Wars pokie next year? Will it be the big-name video pokies (Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, The Dark Knight) that dominate, or the classics like Thunderstruck? Or could there be a new player on the pokies stage in 2016?

And where will you be playing the best pokies of 2016? Are you settled at your online casino of choice? Or will you be shopping around in the coming year? It canít hurt to know whatís out there, it seems to us, especially with all those fantastic new player sign-up bonuses available. And if youíre looking for a place to start, it just so happens that we have reviews of our favourite online casinos on the OCG site Ė maybe go check them out and see if anything catches your eye...

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