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New Pokies Hitting All Slots This Month

We love to see new pokies arriving at the mobile casinos. It tells us that everything is well with the mobile casinos, and as more and more people get themselves registered through their smartphones and iphones, then there are more pokies and Casino Games to play, and bigger prizes to pick up.

So weíre happy to be reporting three new pokies arriving on your mobile device of choice this month, from Microgaming, and featured as part of the range of pokies and Casino Games available at All Slots Mobile Casino.

The first of them is Lionís Pride, which takes you away from your commute, your break time (or whenever else you can squeeze in a spin of a pokie on your smartphone) and plunges you into the heat of the savannah, where the zebras and gazelles roam. The lions are there, of course, and youíll be pleased to see them, as they mean big prizes coming your way...

Next up, Big Top brings the circus to town, with all the razzmatazz of the sawdust-covered tent floor and the thrill of the high wire. There arenít that many pokies out there that feature elephants in tutus and seals balancing balls on their noses, so that has to be a point in Big Topís favour.

There are plenty of Microgaming pokies that feature the same engine, though, so you can be sure that youíre getting quality when you head to this circus. When you play this one, it pays to be patient, because the wins donít come along as often as on some other pokies, but theyíre massive when they do!

Making up the three new pokies this month is Break Da Bank, which takes us on a bank heist, and offers pokies purists a 3-reel, 5-line experience that they will love. This pokie features a strong theme, with the gold bars piled up in the vault glinting in the light, and the gameplay really fits the theme (which we like!), with big prizes on offer, but coming along less often.

This is a higher-risk pokie with big prizes on offer Ė we donít know all that much about pulling off a bank heist (nothing, in fact...), but the high-risk, huge reward nature of this pokie fits nicely, we reckon...

So there are three new pokies to choose from at All Slots Mobile Casino, and we have to say that itís one of the most popular and highest-quality mobile casinos out there Ė a strong choice for pokie lovers here in Australia who are looking for a way to take their gaming with them on the move. Why not get yourself over to All Slots Casino today, and have a look (and a spin or two of a pokie) to see for yourself?

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