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New Microgaming Pokies For Australia

Microgaming are usually good for a couple of good new Online Pokies every month or so, and the quality of games that they produce has been consistently very high. Weíre pretty pleased that October is a bit of a bumper month for new pokies, then Ė it gives us an excuse to give them all a play and report back here!

First up in October is Break Da Bank, which is already proving to be a popular addition to our favourite online casinos. This is just the sort of classic pokie that Microgaming have made their name with.

Itís probably fair to say that Break Da Bank isnít breaking any new ground in terms of its gameplay, or its theme, but both are really strong, and this is an excellent pokie thatís well worth a try.

Maybe the best thing here Ė other than a strong theme, smooth graphics and reassuringly good gameplay Ė is the chance to really win big with a main jackpot thatís as large as any youíll find outside of the progressive pokies. Get your mask and stripy shirt out, itís time to Break Da Bank again!

Also hitting our favourite online casinos this month is a circus pokie spectacular, Big Top. If youíre nostalgic for the days (if they ever existed) when the price of your ticket to the circus bought you elephants in tutus and sea-lions with frills around their necks, then Big Top is for you, as it transports you to a weird and wonderful world of animal circus acts.

This is an easy-to-enjoy pokie with no frills (except on the sea lions), and a good, strong theme. But donít let that fool you into thinking there arenít some rich rewards to be won...

And donít forget about Lionís Pride, which is well worth a go, and also new from Microgaming this month. Boasting a great-looking safari theme thatís dominated by the big cats in the title, this is a pokie thatís easy on the eye, and easy on the wallet, too.

Look out for all the familiar animals of the African grasslands, and for some big prizes, as well. This is a good example of why Microgaming are close to dominating the quality pokies market Ė a really good game to join the rest that are released this month, and to add to a portfolio that features at our favourite online casinos and is bursting with great pokies.

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