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New Microgaming Pokies For 2015

They are a software developer that set the standard for the quality of new Online Pokies in a tough and extremely competitive market, and Microgaming make a huge effort to make sure that there are shiny new pokies and games added to their range all the time. And 2015 is no exception, with a couple of brand new pokies arriving at our favourite online casinos and demanding that we give them a go!

First up is Fish Party, which is a fun plunge beneath the waves if ever there was one! It’s an addition to the extremely popular (for good reason!) range of 243-ways-to-win pokies from Microgaming, so you know exactly the sort of high-quality product you’re going to get when you play this pokie.

Add to that strong foundation a number of special features and bonus rounds, and you’ve got what we fully expect to be a successful addition to any online casino – and a pokie that we think will appear at most if not all of the excellent online casinos that we feature here on the site.

The same is likely true of RoboJack, another great-fun pokie with reels full of super-charged robotic characters who bring a real buzz to your gaming! Again, if you look under the hood of this pokie you’ll find the engine of a 243-ways-to-win pokie, but there’s much more to enjoy, as well – we particularly like the number of free spins on offer in the bonus round, which features five characterful robots, each of them hiding a big bonus...

Once again Microgaming have brought a little bit of new life to the online casinos that feature their software, and we’ve got nothing but respect for the speed with which they’re able to bring excellent new products to the market.

They’ve got the right attitude with these two new releases, as well, as their man Mike Hebden explains: ‘Fish Party and RoboJack are both light-hearted, entertaining games which will appeal to a wide-ranging audience. Furthermore, both slots have a rich feature set with ample winning opportunities. We know that players want engaging bonus rounds and features so we expect these games to be very popular.’,

We reckon he’s not wrong, but you needn’t take our word for it: you can try both of these great new Microgaming pokies now at online casinos like The Gaming Club Casino and Party Casino...

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