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New Jersey Virtual Casinos Struggling

We have been watching developments stateside with some interest, and if you have read these pages before you will know that we were quite excited by the prospect of the opening up of the US market to online casinos – it’s an industry that thrives on innovation and reinvention, so we thought that a new market and a fresh group of online casinos would shake things up and leave us all with a better online casino experience.

But that excitement doesn’t seem to be catching on in the States just yet. There’s always, we suppose, some initial difficulty with any new venture, and the online casinos licensed out of three US states is a great big new undertaking.

And maybe the problem is not that the online casinos in America are doing badly. Perhaps the problem is that New Jersey’s Governor may have overstated his case when lobbying for the online casinos in the first place – he seems to be expecting the revenue of mature, successful online casinos from new, fledgling online casinos...

Either way, we’re still intrigued as to how things will pan out in the US as far as online casinos are concerned. The online casino market is an incredible tough one for new brands to break into.

The quality of the competition is extremely high – as you can see from the online casino we recommend here at OCG – and those online casinos are entrenched. So the American online casinos have a real challenge on their hands to compete internationally, but they also have a huge domestic market to exploit, and if they can find success domestically, then perhaps they can challenge the most successful online casinos internationally.

And that, we suppose, is what we’re really excited about: if the American online casinos can mount a strong challenge to the established online casinos we know and love, they will be forced to innovate and to improve, and that’s great for us Online Pokies lovers here in Australia!

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