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New figures show a tenth of time online is devoted to gaming and betting

The growth of online gaming has been dramatic over the last few years, and that trend shows no sign of changing in the near future, according to a 2010 study by Online Gaming Global Outlook. Some 10% of the year’s total online time was devoted to gambling and other games at online casinos and on similar sites.

There’s no denying that the online gambling experience has improved many times over in recent years. Where once dial-up was the standard, high-speed internet connections and advances in coding have made online poker a massive success, and brought the game to huge new markets.

Poker has been the game that has caught the imagination of online gamblers throughout the world, but the whole online gaming industry has grown with it. Online casinos have seen enormous increases in traffic, and the demand for online gambling has been matched by games developers.

With websites now able to integrate flash games seamlessly, poker and casino players have no download times, and can get right into the action.

The most recent innovations – from animated cut scenes and interactive voice-overs to real-time leaderboards and multi-player virtual poker rooms – are an indication of what might be to come. Online poker is a genuinely international game, with poker rooms running across time zones and world-wide competitions both easily manageable and increasingly popular.

Internet-enabled platforms like the iPad and Blackberry offer further scope for innovation, and online gambling looks set to continue its growth into these new markets. Once the Online Casinos go wireless, there really are no limits to the gaming experience of growing numbers of players around the world!

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