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Mobile Pokies: Our Favourite Choices

It has come to our attention that we are not as young as we used to be – in fact, it has been made very clear to us over the past couple of years or so, mostly thanks to the arrival in our lives of a number of excellent mobile casinos that let us play our favourite pokies wherever we are, and whenever we want. Of course, it first required the younger members of the Casino Guide Team to help us learn how to work a smartphone (being a perfect blend of patronising and helpful), but that was no bad thing at all, as it gave us much more insight as to the hardware the mobile pokie developers are working with. These are some serious phones we are talking about (especially when held up beside our venerable nokia 3310...), with more than enough power behind them to offer the crisp graphics, smooth video and seamless gameplay that the newest video pokies demand. But, even though the technology in our smartphones, iphones and tablets is coming on in leaps and bounds, it is still left behind by the speed with which the pokies and casino games on them are developing.

Old Games, New Tricks

There are a few casino games that have truly stood the test of time, and established themselves beyond just the world of casinos as timeless classics. Roulette, of course, and Craps, Blackjack and Poker are games that define the casino floor, not just at casino resorts like Sydney’s The Star or Crown Melbourne, but also throughout popular culture (the Bond movies are the first to come to mind, but they are the tip of the iceberg). And what’s good for Bond is good for the online casinos and their mobile cousins. But these classic games have been reinvented and re-imagined to make the most of the new format, and to benefit from the amazing hardware in the newest smartphones and tablets. A great example is European Roulette Gold Series, one of the newest and best Roulette simulations from software developer Microgaming, which is optimised for your tablet, and makes the most not only of the superb graphics and powerful processor, but of the mobile and interactive possibilities that come with the tablet format. It makes no difference where you are – you can play this excellent Roulette simulation live alongside players all around the world.

All About the Pokies

While the casino games that have arrived recently (and are arriving all the time) on the smartphones and iphones are of an impressively high quality, we think the pokies are where the mobile casinos really shine. There was a lot to live up to for the mobile pokies when they first arrived on the scene. If we are honest, we were more than happy with the online casinos and the pokies they offered us, especially the vast choice of top-drawer video pokies, and the progressive pokies that gave us a chance at scooping jackpots literally in the millions of dollars. So we wondered what the mobile pokies could bring that was new. How could be graphics be of the same high standard? What would the gameplay be like? Would the prizes on offer match up? The selection of pokies on offer was small, understandably, when the mobile casinos first arrived, but the quality of them was impressive, even at the start, and we quickly got over the move from our PC to our smartphone. With developers like IGT and Microgaming creating pokies and casino games specifically for the mobile casinos, and more and more players getting involved all the time, the mobile casinos are just going from strength to strength. The selection of pokies is getting bigger all the time, but that isn’t the key factor: we underestimated the thing that made the online casinos a success when they first came into our lives, and the mobile casinos have the same quality in abundance. Convenience. And convenience is king.

Progress with Pokies

So the convenience of the mobile pokies is making them a success, and all the numbers we have seen suggest that it will not be short-lived success, or that it has reached its peak just yet. The real positive from our perspective is that the initial success of the mobile casinos allows them to expand, and that can only be good news for pokie lovers here in Australia. There is a virtuous cycle that works to bring better games to the customer: the more people take to playing pokies on their mobile devices, then the greater the rewards will be for the casinos, and so the more fierce the competition between them. That competition means better mobile pokies, and better sign-up deals, and better VIP schemes, and our favourite: bigger jackpots. The best place to see the virtuous cycle in action is with the progressive pokies. Now featured at your favourite mobile casino, these monster-jackpot pokies feed off more and more people playing them, with a tiny portion of each wager increasing the jackpot until it adds up to life-changing money, with millions of dollars on offer. And with each spin of a progressive pokie at your chosen mobile casino, it could be you that walks away with all that cash. It only takes a moment to spin the reels of a giant progressive like Mega Moolah, and with a mobile casino you can do it wherever you are, whenever you like!

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