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Mobile Internet Access Continues to Grow

The time of the mobile casinos is coming. That seems to be the wisdom at the moment in the industry, and there have been more and more Casino Games and pnline pokies making the transition from the online casinos, and more and more big names in the online casino industry throwing their weight behind their own mobile casinos.

Even better, it looks like as the mobile casinos grow in popularity, the size of the jackpot wins on offer just keeps getting bigger, too. That, of course, draws more customers to the mobile casinos in turn, and feeds a virtuous cycle that we hope will just see the mobile casinos getting better and getting bigger.

And it looks like there’s plenty of room for the mobile casinos to grow into. Just as the increased accessibility of the internet to people’s homes has benefitted the online casinos, so the spread of mobile internet access will make the mobile casinos available to more people – especially to lovers of pokies here in Australia.

A new survey from researchers Statista gives us some indication of exactly how quickly the access to mobile internet is growing. About 11% of internet access in the first half of last year was from mobile devices, according to the report, and that’s up above 17% in the first half of this year – a significant increase by any standards, and a trend that is predicted to continue as the technology in your smartphone increases in power and in usability, and as more and more people choose to shop, socialise and enjoy their favourite pokies at their chosen mobile casino all from their mobile device.

The study by Statista showed some interesting specifics, too, for pokie lovers here in Australia. In Australia, we have a bit of a reputation for holding off in our uptake of new technology until we’re sure that it’s going to be good – until the initial bugs have been worked out of the system, and the product is definitely a keeper.

By that logic, the smartphones are here to stay, and we’ll only be accessing the internet from mobile devices more and more: access to the internet from mobile devices in Oceania is up 6%, and in the first half of this year about 15% of internet access in our region was through mobile devices. We’re ready for even better mobile casinos, and we’re ready for access to them to be even easier, and even more widespread...

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