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Might you soon be playing at Facebook in Australia

So facebook users in the UK will be able to play for real money online, making this week something of a watershed moment for the social media scene. We’ve seen the online casinos taking advantage of some of the technology on offer to improve the inherently social Casino Games on their sites (we’re thinking of the live dealers available over streaming technology, the chat features on lots of the newest games, and especially the Poker rooms, of course).

We’ve seen that online gambling has been a growth market even amongst the doom and gloom of the stuttering economy. And now we might be seeing sites like facebook offering real money bets to their customers – and where facebook leads, others are more than likely to follow...

We’re not sure how we feel about all of that. It’s not that we think that the online casinos that we know and love will suffer from the competition (they exist, after all, in a hyper-competitive environment anyway). It’s not really that we don’t fancy the idea of a little flutter whilst we’re catching up on our friends’ photos and statuses online (the game on offer to UK facebook users is a neat little bingo-type game that looks fun).

What we don’t really understand is why Australians would choose to gamble on facebook when there’s a long list of high-quality Australia-facing online casinos to choose from – online casinos like Spin Palace Casino and Jackpot City Casino.

Because the online casinos that we review on this site (and their mobile casino equivalents, but that’s a different article...) offer so much more than just the chance to play bingo. It might not seem like we’re comparing like for like, but that’s precisely the point.

The choice of Online Pokies alone at online casinos like Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune Casino runs into the hundreds, and there are dozens of variations of all the classic Casino Games you can think of, plus video pokers and the sorts of unique games that can’t be easily categorized. And the prizes on offer have become truly staggering in recent years: the stand-outs being the progressive pokies and their regular jackpots above AU$2million.

Seems to us that there are lots of reasons for pokie-lovers in particular here in Australia to head over to any one of the online casinos that we’d recommend to anyone – Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune, The Gaming Club and a few others – instead of looking for their flutter on a social media site. We’ll keep an eye out, but we don’t think the online casinos are under threat just yet...

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