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Microgaming's Scary Timing

Cast your mind back to the months before the holiday season, if you can. Do you remember that moment when you realised that Christmas music was going to be playing for the foreseeable future? Was it some time in November? Do you remember thinking that was far, far too early? Then youíll love this January pokies release from Microgaming: Peek-A-Boo, a pokie thatís just perfect for Halloween!

Because who isnít starting to think ahead to Halloween in January? Weíve got our costume all planned out, and if you havenít got around to it yet, then this pokie is as good a nudge in the right direction as youíre going to get in January. Weíre being harsh, of course, about the timing of the release of this pokie, which is obviously more about getting it out there than about Halloween itself, and itís particularly harsh when you think that this really is a good-quality pokie. And, if weíre honest, itís not all that scary, really. Think more Ghostbusters the cartoon than anything truly frightening with this one. In fact, Peek-A-Boo features a plucky kid with a ghost-catching ray, who youíll be keeping an eye on as most of the bonuses and multipliers will be activated by where he lands in the reels.

Overall, weíd have to say that we enjoyed Peek-A-Boo, in spite of the slightly odd timing for the release of a Halloween-friendly pokie like this. Its theme keeps things nice and light, and the pace is good: this feels like a snappy pokie to play, and itís one where the wins can stack up quite fast. After all, this is a Microgaming pokie, and you need to bear that in mind when youíre thinking of giving it a go. Microgaming isnít just the most prolific software developer around at the moment, but well known for providing a good quality pokies, too, and Peek-A-Boo is no exception.

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