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Microgaming's Monkeying Month

Forgive us for sounding like a well-worn record, but itís time to review a whole swathe of new Microgaming pokies that are appearing in your favourite online casinos this month. The sheer pace of production Ė and innovation Ė that Microgaming seem able to manage is enough to make their competitors blush. So itís not really something we should be apologising about: Microgaming dominate our new pokies articles because they seem to be dominating the pokies releases. And when theyíre as good as they usually are, what have we got to complain about?

So the first of this monthís new releases is a bit of a change of pace for pokies fans, and itíll likely be all the more popular for that. Monkey Keno is set for release this month, and we think youíll like the look of it when you see it. Itís a tropical theme full of palm trees and coconut-throwing monkeys, and itís an easy-on-the-eye game: the theme is light and fun, and the animations break up the play nicely without getting in the way. Itís the play that makes or breaks a pokie, mind you (and the prizes, of course), and Monkey Keno gives you a pretty simple Keno format. If youíre not already a big Keno player this isnít the worst way to get into it, and if you already play lots of these sorts of games, then Monkey Keno will feel very familiar. Play is simple: select your stake and pick 15 numbers that will then be compared to 20 selected randomly by the game. Thereís lots of winning to be done as the numbers come up, and one of the great features of Monkey Keno is the constantly updating pay table, which shows you the winning combinations produced by your choice of bet and the numbers youíve matched. Another great feature is the chance to win 10,000 times your bet when you play Monkey Keno Ė we think that one could make this a popular game on its own!

So if youíre in need of a breath of fresh air in your pokies, or if youíre just curious about a Keno-based pokie game, then Monkey Kenoís going to be a good choice for you in August. Maybe hold it in reserve for when youíve tried a couple of the other new pokies hitting online casinos this month Ė watch this space for our reviews of themÖ

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