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Massive Mega Moolah Payout

If you’re a regular reader of these pages then you’ll know that there’s one pokie that features more than any other when we’re talking about lucky punters landing the biggest prizes around: that pokie is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. We’ve been talking in these pages recently about the impact that this pokie has been having both on the online casinos that we like to visit regularly and on the development of the mobile casinos that are letting us take more of our favourite pokies with us on the move. Basically, Mega Moolah’s huge jackpot potential is bringing in the punters.

And for good reason. It seems like every time we google the term ‘Mega Moolah’ there’s another lucky pokie lover collecting a massive win on this game. Surely there has never been a pokie with a more appropriate name!

This latest happy Mega Moolah player comes hot on the heels of the record-breaking biggest-ever payout on a mobile pokie, and though it’s not quite as big as that monster multi-million-dollar jackpot, it’s still worth a cool 10million Aussie dollars and change. Best of all, Microgaming will be paying this prize out in one go! We don’t have the details of the winner, as they’ve declined to be named by Microgaming, and so we’ve got no idea how this most recent lucky Mega Moolah player plans to spend their millions. Without those details, we’ll just have to imagine how we would spend all that money. Should kill and hour or two…

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