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Making Sure You Choose The Right Casino

There are not that many real-life casinos in Australia. There are some great ones, of course, but the distances involved in travelling around Australia can mean that they’re not accessible all the time.

And so the online casino has been a welcome development for Australian gamblers – particularly as the more established ones now have a decade or more of use and improvement behind them. Plus, there’s never been more choice out there.

But with more choice we’re presented with a problem. Unfortunately, whilst the vast majority of the online casinos out there are both legitimate and properly regulated, there are enough dodgy ones to make gamblers cautious. There are some things you can do to make sure your invested dollars are safe, though, and we recommend a few here.

Look for the online casino’s gaming licence – it will usually be displayed somewhere on the main page. On top of that, look for the eCOGRA accreditation: this is a standard set by an independent body that the casino undertakes to maintain, and is an indication of their integrity.

The next thing that should give you more confidence in an online casino is its customer support set-up. The more established, and often better, online casinos pride themselves on their standards of customer care, and you shouldn’t be shy about putting them to the test.

Look for a telephone line that’s available 24 hours a day, and in your own language. Feel free to fire off a test question or two to their customer support email address: their response will tell you plenty about how comfortable you will feel as a member of their casino.

Lastly, try to get together as much information about the online casino as you can before you commit any money. You can do this by tracking down Online Casino reviews and comments online – the web population is very vocal and very critical (sometimes too much of both!), and they should give you an idea of any issues with the online casino.

Better yet, lots of casinos let you sign up to play for free before you put any money down. This is a brilliant way to get a feel for whether you like the casino and feel comfortable laying down some dollars there for a real game or two...

If and when you do: good luck!

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