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Macau Casinos Struggling?

Competition is fierce in the casino world. Not only are the expectations of guests incredibly high in these days of integrated casino resorts, but the online casinos have never offered a better service, and the casinos have to scrap it out with their online cousins for each and every customer.

Especially here in Australia, where the convenience of an online casino can give Online Pokies fans the experience they’re looking for without potentially hundreds of miles of travel involved!

We often mention in these pages the stiff competition that the Australian Casino resorts face from all around the Pacific: from Singapore and especially from Macau.

But it seems like that competition might be felt just as much in Macau as it is here in Australia – it’s not just national pride making us think that Australian Casinos are competing with the very best in the world.

Figures coming out of Macau this month are healthy, make no mistake, and the tiny nation is still very much the world’s casino powerhouse, but the numbers are a good distance lower than analysts had been predicting. Much of the talk about redeveloping Australian Casinos and creating new casino destinations here has centred on the appeal to wealthy Chinese tourists (and those from further afield), and it seems that same market has been targeted by the casinos of Macau.

Without the predicted success, it seems. Obviously we can’t be absolutely sure whether the lower-than-expected numbers mean that there are fewer tourists out and about enjoying the casino resorts, or if they mean that they are choosing other destinations ahead of Macau.

If it’s that second one, then you would have to think that Australia is right at the top of the list as a destination – for casino tourists as much as it always has been for tourists of all kinds.

We’ll be watching to see if Australia’s casinos experience the same dip in their returns as Macau – but, in the meantime, the heated debate surrounding new casino developments here and the number of bids coming in from firms looking to invest in them make us think things are going well for Australia’s world-class casinos...

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