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Live Dealer Online Games Explained

Recent years have seen incredible innovation in online gaming – it is an industry that has grown from nothing to a glossy-fronted online giant within two short decades.

Regulation of the industry has sometimes been seen to lag behind the lightning pace of development: the current situation in the United States is as controversial politically as it is confusing for the gamers who are ultimately affected by it. The problem that the online casinos have always faced is one of transparency – whether players choose roulette, pokies or blackjack, they can’t know from the evidence of their own eyes that they’re being treated fairly by the online casino.

It’s possibly unfair to suggest that the online casinos – certainly the more reputable ones – aren’t doing everything they can to make their digital games as fair as possible. The problem they face is in convincing the player of the legitimacy of their games. Thankfully, that same push for innovation that has arguably created the problem may also provide a solution in the form of Live Dealer gaming, with streamed video bringing the ‘real’ casino into living rooms in Australia and throughout the world.

Thanks to hardware and software advances, video streaming and higher connection speeds, the technology is now in place to provide players with a virtual casino environment, complete with a live dealer who can interact smoothly – and in real-time – with players around the world.

It is seen as the perfect solution for those players who find it difficult to trust the Random Number Generator technology behind online casinos’ digital games.

But there are more benefits to Live Dealers: the experience is close to being the best of both worlds. The convenience of online casinos is second to none, but streamed video of a live dealer gives players all the social interaction they could want – a real casino experience.

And now that we’ve tried the Live Dealer, we have to say that it’s an entertaining spectacle: the live dealer brought some real personality to our games of Online Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. It’s a welcome extra in online casinos, and a nice alternative to pokies. Why not have a try for yourself?

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