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Little Kitten Reels

There’s cat people and dog people in every walk of life – and our quick survey of five Online Pokies fans tells us that that’s just as true for them as it is for anyone else. You’ve have to be a pretty ardent cat hater, though, to not find something to like in Microgaming’s recently-released Pretty Kitty. I mean, seriously – whose heart doesn’t melt when they see a kitten?

OK, so the theme might be a little bit of a cliché in the world of Online Pokies these days, and we would have put ourselves firmly in the camp of folks who didn’t think they needed another kitten-themed pokie arriving at their favourite online casinos. But, you know what? This is actually a really good pokie. Maybe there are people out there who were crying out for an updated kitten-based pokie – if there were then they’ve got their wish with Pretty Kitty. First of all, the presentation of this pokie is exactly the sort of high-quality job that you would expect from Microgaming: the kittens, with a velvet background behind them and with all sorts if exciting cat-jewellery on show, look fantastic. Next there are some huge prizes on offer if you strike it lucky with Pretty Kitty. Be aware that this is a pretty volatile pokie, so your wins might not come around very often, but when they do come, they have the potential to be huge. Which brings us to the last highlight of this new Microgaming release: the extra features. Contributing to the winning potential of Pretty Kitty are some tried-and-tested extra features like expanding wilds and re-triggerable free spins, and they make a big difference if you can land them at the right time.

So the luxury kitten pokie market will be happy with Microgaming’s new release, Pretty Kitty, and we have to say that we might find ourselves having a go in spite of ourselves. We just won’t be telling too many folks about how much we like the little kittens – unless we win a massive prize, of course, then everyone will hear about it!

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