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If it was ever a secret that Mega Moolah is a pokie you can’t afford to ignore, it’s not a secret any longer. When we do these articles about the lucky folks who have landed the big jackpots, we seem to be writing about Mega Moolah as much as all the other big pokies combined. So it won’t surprise you, probably, to know that Mega Moolah has a record beside its name in the Guinness Book of Records – it paid out the biggest single jackpot to a lucky Betway punter last year (more than 13 million GBP, which is a lot of money even with the pound struggling after Brexit!). And this pokie has paid out some serious cash over the years: close to 600 million euros and counting!

So when Rawiri Pou of Matamata over in New Zealand gave Mega Moolah a spin, he must have had the thought of a big jackpot at the back of his mind. You know, something to make life a little easier, maybe pay for a week away somewhere. Well, he won that and more: nearly 6.5 million euros (that’s close to $10million to you and me). We’re fairly sure that will have made his week, and the folks at Casinoland, where Rawiri played the pokie, thought so, too: ‘We’re all thrilled for Rawiri, it’s a life changing amount of money and we wish him the very best for the future. His huge win has shown that Casinoland has the games and jackpots to deliver mega wins and we hope that Rawiri is the first of many progressive jackpot winners here at Casinoland.’

Microgaming, the software developer behind Mega Moolah and so many other top-drawer pokies at our favourite online casinos, had this to say: ‘Mega Moolah and our progressive jackpot network continue to make the headlines. To be able to deliver frequent life-changing jackpots to our operators’ players is certainly a highlight of the job. Many congratulations to Rawiri and Casinoland on this mega win.’

Seems like it was a good decision for Rawiri to give Mega Moolah a spin, and we suspect that yet another massive jackpot prize won’t hurt the popularity of this pokie at all. In fact, we think there will be more and more players giving it a go every day. And we’ll likely be amongst them, because the more pokies fans flock to play Mega Moolah, the bigger that progressive jackpot prize will get, meaning that Guinness record could be in danger any time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the record breaker?

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